Peer Consultant Facilitation

As your church year starts up or midyear, you may be planning a retreat with your congregational board, staff or other leadership team.

Visioning, goal-setting and covenanting are common leadership practices within vital congregations. To encourage you in these practices, your New England Region UUA staff has prepared a team of skilled and experienced leaders who can design and facilitate these sessions with you. 

New England Region UUA staff will provide training and ongoing support to the team of peer facilitators. Congregations are asked to pay a modest honorarium of $50 per onsite hour plus a travel expense surcharge of $10 for facilitation services.  

If you and your team are looking for consultant support of this kind, let us know by completing this short request form, emailing the regional office at newengland [at] uua [dot] org or calling us at 617.948.6415. A staff member will followup to help clarify and arrange requested services.