Justice Ministries Services

In order to inspire, support and equip for congregationally-based justice ministries, we

  • CONVENE congregational leaders and affiliate groups (e.g. UU Mass Action, UU College of Social Justice, etc.) as a way to promote interconnection in this work;
  • COMMUNICATE with congregations by sharing
    • relevant information and resources,
    • reflection and analysis on perspectives, issues and strategies,
    • stories about justice ministry in our congregations;
  • SUPPORT and COACH congregational leaders interested in making justice ministries a vibrant and vital part of congregational life. Specifically, we are happy to work with congregational leaders to evaluate, initiate, revamp, restructure and/or revitalize your congregation's justice ministries.
  • CONSULT with congregational leaders who seek to increase their congregation's capacity for multicultural ministries
  • invite you to Be the Love, an inter-regional website created to inspire practices for creating Beloved Community.

Contact Meck Groot, Justice Ministries staff lead for the region, by mgroot [at] uua [dot] org (email) or phone at 617.948.6414 to learn more about how we can be of service to your congregation in this area.